We Buy Cars - Running, Wrecked, Old or New

Junk my Car Buys Cars, Trucks, Boats & RV’s

Junk my Car

What if I don’t have the keys to my car?

We still buy your car with or without keys.

How is it determined what my car is worth?

The miles, the condition, any mechanical or body
damage is taken into consideration And then your offer
is produced.

Will someone need to visibly inspect my vehicle?

Only in rare circumstances.

How fast can I expect an offer on my car?

You can expect an offer back within hours, sometimes minutes.

How fast can I expect payment?

Get paid on the spot with a secure check.

What states do you service?

We service the Midwest.

How does the procedure work?

We receive your information, we then make you an offer to buy. Upon acceptance Arrangements are made for us to pick up your vehicle and title, you then receive full payment and the transaction is complete!

What if I have a lien on the vehicle?

Of course your loan will have to be satisfied. We then get a lien release, pay you the balance, pick up your vehicle and title and the transaction is complete.

Would I make more money donating the car?

On January 1, 2005 the laws for donation were changed. You may now only deduct the sale price the charity sells your vehicle for.

What if I owe more than the car is worth?

We will still buy your car. Yes, you will be responsible if there is any outstanding balance.

What if I dont see my car listed?

Simply email us the make, model, year, mileage and condition.